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z-index media pvt. ltd offers a range of Facebook advertising and marketing packages designed to meet the needs of different business and organizations in Nepal. We offer this services to help client with advertising on Facebook as part of our social media marketing services and our pay per click (PPC) advertising service.

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The way we use facebook is changing day by day, now facebook advertising has been most effective marketing strategy to share your business/organization information, pictures and videos to your targeted audience. Advertising on Facebook is not only for promoting your business to sales but also for creating and maintaining your Online Social status in a professional way.

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" We give solutions to every type of Facebook Advertising and how to use them. "
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Facebook Ads Campaign Case Study #1

# Client : Yeti Airlines

Yeti Airlines with the 'Yeti' as its mascot, is a unique, Nepali airline serving the nation for over a decade.

Yeti Airlines Domestic Pvt. Ltd. started operations with two DHC-6/300 Series 'Twin Otter' aircraft flying to remote areas with STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) airports like Lukla, Phaplu, Lamidanda, Rumjatar and Simikot.

Within the last 15 years, Yeti Airlines have strengthened and grown to become Nepal’s premier airline. » www.yetiairlines.com | » Yeti Airlines Facebook page

Ad Start Date : Oct 29, 2013
Ad End Date : Nov 18, 2013

Screenshot of the ads from facebook Ad Manager dashboard are show below:

1 Results
Number of clicks you received divided by the number of times an ad was shown on Facebook.
#Remarks : 9,713 likes
2 Click-Through Rate
The number of actions as a result of your ad. The results you see here are based on your objective.
#Remarks : CTR is above 2% in average.
3 Total budget spend
The total you have spend on this ad.
#Remarks : US $ 268 was billed by Facebook to get 9,731 likes in 20 days with an average of US $ 20 per day budget.
Facebook Ad Campagin case study

Facebook Tab Creation #2

As z-index media pvt. ltd is creative digital agency providing complete web solutions. We also provide creative facebook page tab creative and its processing. For Yeti Airlines we have build 'Feedback & Suggestion' tab in their offical facebook page.

Facebook Custome Tab creation
Facebook corresponding landing page of tab

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